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About Bria
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Hey guys! My name is Bria, and I'm the boss of this blog... just kidding. I started it back in my freshman year of high school and abandoned it for two years, but now I'm back and I dragged one of my friends along with me! Outside the "blogosphere" (what a cheesy word) I'm a really outdoorsy girl. I spend my summers amidst the pines in New Hampshire working at a camp there and the last two summers I've also gone on three week canoe trips through the camp. At home, my hobbies include playing lacrosse, eating, sleeping, and trying on dresses. I'm learning to play the guitar so I can be all artsy and cool but right now my talent with that is nonexistent. I'm a good student, the kind that actually enjoys school but I'm pretty much a loser as well. I don't know quite why you're reading all this, I'm quite a boring person deep down! Enjoy the blog ;)

About Micayla

Why hello there! I'm Micayla, and I'm the co-boss of this blog. I joined the "team" on August 31st, 2011 (I only know that because it's today..) and I'm suuper excited to begin posting and getting to know all of you! Besides doing cool new nail art designs, I spend my time mostly at church or just hanging out with my friends :) I've recently fell in love with Mexico because I spent a month living there the past summer. So I go there as often as I can Some things I enjoy doing are acting, singing, being on the computer (yes.. I'm addicted to Facebook.. It's a problem), and redecorating my room WAY too often. I also looove to make music videos on YouTube! (:
As far as nails go, I'm still learning as I go, and I'd love to get feedback from you all! I love just messing around and seeing what I come up with and getting more ideas from other people. I really hope you enjoy the blog! Keep coming back for new stuff. Can't wait to see you all around!