Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pshh, who needs unicorn pee when you have magic?

Helloooo guys!
So, a few days ago I finally splurged (I know, $10! Ridiculous!) on Essie MAY (Matte About You)
Holy cheezits, this stuff is freaking amazing.
I'm like a matte-a-holic now.
MAY applies wonderfully- no streaks, no brush issues, no drag, no cloudiness, no problems. I've heard that after awhile it can leave white spots, but it hasn't happened yet!
So, I figured I'd show you guys some random polishes with MAY on top.


L-R: Emerald Who? [franken], SH Blue It, SH Brisk Blue


Like it came from heaven itself...


Beata said...

Essie matte about you is great. I hate buying separate matte nail lacquers. This is a definite money saver...one topcoat, endless possibilities.

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