Friday, May 14, 2010

Water Marbling: Never Going to Happen Again.

Hey guys :)
SO, I tried water marbling for the first time this weekend.
The results.. were pretty gruesome, actually.
It was fun up until the cleanup.. and then I spent about four hours with blue fingers. Thank god I only did accent fingers...

While I was marbling, two drops of polish sunk to the bottom like little balls. I thought it was cool :)


The result was this:


I hate that tiny little bubble. Which ultimately ended up as this:


I'm great at cleanup, huh? Base color was ChG For Audrey, with the marbles being done with three random blues I don't recall the name of. I want to say SH Blue It, SH Pixel Pretty, & ChG Shower Together, but I'm not sure.


Rebie said...

You should have put scotch around your nails that way the clean up is way easier I remember seeing it on some you tube video
I like the colors used and the design it created

Bria said...

Oh, thanks for the tip!
I'll definitely do that if I ever water marble again :)

Amy said...

Oh no! But not bad for a first try- we all have to start somewhere!

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