Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Challenge.

Maybe it's my recently rediscovered appreciation of nail polish. Maybe it's my annoyance at the fact I have over 60 untrieds, and probably one of the smallest polish collections out of all the bloggers.
But I'm giving myself a challenge.
Gone are the days I have time to redo my mani every day. I have to pick carefully what I want, because it will stay. I never try new shades because I'm afraid I won't have the time to redo them if they look terrible. I'm making myself (with the amazing cuticles and assistance of Micayla) a visual encyclopedia of all my shades. Not only that, it will also have all the info on each one- how many coats, how easy it applies, how hard it is to remove. This is going to take a LONG time. But it's going to be awesome.
Hooray for new challenges! Could you do it?


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