Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hi I'm Micayla (:

Hey guys :)

I was sitting at my desk in front of my computer which I love so dearly (I'm kinda a Apple/Mac fanatic..) staring at a new blog entry I had just finished writing for this blog.. I read it over and something hit me..

I have no clue what to say to these people..

Yes, I had words on the screen, but it was all kinda.. fake? weird? not me?

So I stopped trying to sound all cool, and I typed this... Not exactly your idea of a.. graceful introduction. But it's the best I can do since I'm kinda new to all of this.. nail blogging stuff.

I should probably formally introduce myself. (You all probably though this was Bria.. surprise!)

My name is Micayla. I'm one of Bria's friends :) She asked me to start posting on here with her because I've recently discovered my love for nail art. (I'm sure some of you can relate...)

So I'll be seeing you around I guess! I'll post everyone in a while when I have a new design that I want to share with you guys.

Well, I guess that's all, so I'll sign off now. But I'll talk with you guys real soon :)

Your fellow Polisholic,

Micayla (:


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