Monday, April 5, 2010

Let's see how this works out.

Hey guys :)

So, after sneaking a peak at my poor bank account, I decided I must go on a no-buy.
Then, I thought this through, and realized that this would ultimately fail.. miserably.

So, I've decided on a low-buy, and I need your help sticking to it.
I've decided that I'm only allowed to buy five polishes a month, or spend up to $25 on polish a month.
I know this sounds extremely low for all of you, but I've bought acquired (some were gifted to me) almost 100 polishes in the last two months. I use one nail polish a day, so this means I have about.. 40 untrieds? Ridiculous!
So guys, help me stick to this low-buy. Every time I get a major lemming I'll make a post about it- it's up to you to tell me whether it's worth it or not.

Thanks guys!

Much love,
Bria <3


Laquerista said...

Aww poor us, I know how that feels! I will check in regurlaly and tell you my opinion.
I wish there was a NP anonymous lol

amusedPolish said...

i agree with laquerista, there should be a NP anonymous :P

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