Saturday, April 24, 2010

Urban Outfitters NP: Swatches & Review

I thought I'd love these, honestly. The color look amazing (Not the most unique, but great nonetheless), the bottles are adorable, and I haven't heard horrible things about the formula.

However, that may be because it's so bad that it's practically bad voodoo to speak of it. I may be exaggerating a bit- they could be worked with if one had the time, skills, and patience.. but it's not worth it for me. See my 'NYC Hauls' post for the bottle pics.


Another thing I don't like is that these polishes are unnamed. They are labeled only with a color and a number- making it possible to find a specific shade, but confusing and rather boring. This is Blue 2. This one was a four coater, and there's still streaks. Sadly, I love this shade.. but hate the polish. I'm really into brights and grey-toned shades right now, and this fits the bill (it's a bit more grey IRL)


This is Blue 1, with plenty of streaks and bald patches for everyone. This is a really common color though, I'm sure I could find a dupe of it if I really wanted to. This is four coats. I'll admit the bald patches were probably my fault- I rushed, and ended up dragging. This shade isn't that special- pretty but unoriginal. It reminds me of ChG Shower Together IRL, sans shimmer.


Woohoo, streaks! I found a genuine 'Barney' purple. I'm really tempted to do a mani with this and lime green polka dots. Barney was my favorite show when I was little.. next to Out of the Box & Rolie Polie Ollie. Anyway, this swatch is three or our coats.. I'm not sure exactly. I'm going to guess four though, because I have a four coat limit for swatches. I do like this color, and I think five coats could make it look alright.


And this is 'Purple 6'. How is this purple? I know purples are had to photograph, and this is a bit more purple IRL, but I never understood that. I think overall this is the one with the most promise. I believe this one is three coats.. a miracle! I quite like this shade.. it's a nice one. 

Overall.... not a good collection, not a good brand.
Their clothes are amazing though!


Cyan said...

I'm so glad you posted swatches of these! I've seen the Urban Outfitters Nail Polish around, and some of the colors look so promising. But for it to be streaky - after four coats! - seems like there is a reason there hasn't been more reviews of these polishes around. Thanks for showing them anyways!

Caitlin said...

I'm like purple 6 the best, but that sucks that they're all so streaky! xo

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