Friday, April 2, 2010

PSA: Select $OPI shades are on sale now!

Hey guys :)
Just wanted to let you know that there's a small sale going on at most Sephoras now, with certain $OPI (Sephora by OPI) shades on sale now for $5 dollars apiece. I picked up Blue Grotto and Le Beau, and I'm really excited to swatch them. I'd describe Blue Grotto as a dark royal blue creme, and Le Beau as a classic 'snow white' cool toned red creme. They look very nice, I love cremes :) Swatches coming as soon as the sun is up!


Cyan said...

Thanks! I thought the sale ended with the addition of their new spring shades. Thanks for posting about the sale! Can't wait to see swatches - I love cremes too, and Blue Grotto sounds like it will be a beautiful blue shade!

Bria said...

It may have ended at most other stores, but there's still a small bin of sale polishes in mine :)

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