Monday, April 26, 2010

T&T Number Two: Olive Oil!

As much as a love vaseline, I love E.E.O.O. (Extra virgin olive oil) even more. This wonderful stuff is all natural, and has ridiculous moisturizing power.

I decided to try out a little tip I picked up in a magazine, and decided to soak my fingers in a tiny dish of EEOO. Wow.

This stuff is amazing!
I soaked my freshly acetone-marked fingers in a tiny cup of olive oil for two minutes apiece, and came out with smooth, supple cuticles that I'm actually proud to show off.

Try it today ;)


Laura said...

I'd be too busy sprinkling spices in it and licking my fingers. That sounds so bad.

I really need some bread for dipping.

DistantDreamer said...

haha @Laura! Too funny!

I am going to try this! I love EEOO for it's superpowers aka moisture. I've never soaked my fingers though. I must go find my bottle and begin soaking! :)

Millie said...

Sorry, but that sounds kinda gross. I think I'll stick to the Lemony Flutter.

Bria said...

Laura, I agree!
EEOO is great for pretty much anything- I just made a really yummy pasta with a EEOO & ricotta cheese sauce.

@DistantDreamer- I agree! I got some wierd looks in my house tonight, but it's worth it. I also ended up sleeping with gloves on, to lock in the moisture. So worth it!

@Millie- I'll admit, it does sound kind of gross. I wish I had lemony flutter, that stuff is just too expensive for me. I've tried it though, it's great!

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