Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NOTD: Orly- Snowcone


This is one coat!
I decided to add another after seeing it in the close-up pic, but by that time the sun had gone down so I couldn't take more pictures.
I love this color, though :D
It's my favorite pastel (I don't own many), and it came with such an adorable mini lipgloss!
Application was good, brush is good. Overall a pretty average polish :)


Laura said...

That is a delicious color. I loooooove snowcones, but what flavor do you think this one was supposed to be?

Either way, I can see that you have used the dipping oil for bread. ;o) Haha! Your cuticles never looked bad to me. Me on the other hand, I always pick on mine and they get all frazzled.

Claire's Blog said...

Lovely shade !I like blue.

Bria said...

I'm guessing it was supposed to be some type of blue raspberry or something, but I'm not sure :P

What can I say, olive oil and bread are delicious!

I love blue as well Claire, it's my favorite color!

Alisa said...

I'm wearing this polish today too! Such a gorgeous colour.

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