Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NYC Haul

Hey guys!
So, in NYC I picked up quite a number of polishes.
I'll admit, I did really badly on my supposed low-buy plan... I acquired way more than 5 polishes, and I spent quite a bit more than $25. The sad part is, is that I probably could have gotten all (or most) of these polishes here in California.... NYC is not a good place for impulse shoppers.

Tell me if you see anything you like that you want swatched, I'll be happy to swatch it for you :)


Urban Outfitters (Review coming up soon). From L-R- Blue 1, Purple 6, Purple 1, Blue 2.


Small CVS Haul. From L-R- Orly Blue Suede, Brucci Explosive Meteorite, Orly Snowcone.


Large DS Haul. From L-R (Center is SH Hard as Nails TC). From L-R- SH Blu, SH Pixel Pretty, Maybelline Goody Plum Drop, SH Lickety Split Lime, Milani Purple Passion, Milani Cool Vibe.

Overall, I'm happy with my haulage :)


Beauty Vibes said...

Seems like you got some great polishes! I'd love to see Orly Blue Suede swatched, but I also like SH Pixel Pretty and Milani Cool Vibe :)

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