Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another amazing friend post!

I apologize for the current boringness of my blog- I just don't have time to do swatches or reviews at the moment. So the only posts I can do right now are update and PSA type things. No worries though, I'll be able to post interesting stuff again soon! (I've got a few reviews planned for the weekend).

But anyway, my friends are practically killing me. I put a brave face on and went on a no-buy a few weeks ago. Then, my friend generously donated some of her oldies to me. Today, my other friend dumped about 6 polishes in my hands and said "Surprise!". You would think this would encourage me not to buy, right?

Nope. Today I was walking through walgreens to get some shampoo, practically covering my eyes past the NP. Then I turned a corner and saw the ST. Paddys display (I have no idea why it's still up), including Green Ocean. I had no interest in it before, but then I thought- that would look good over some of my new polishes.  And it was a downward spiral from there... I now own Green Ocean, Fiji, the CC PmF collection, and about 13 random oldies. Yay for me- nay for my wallet.


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