Friday, March 19, 2010

Mini 'Haul'

Hey guys!
Tonight I lucked out- My friend decided to clean out her nail polish, and she gave me a bunch of ones she didn't want. Unfortunately, she chose to keep a few oldish OPIs I wanted.. but I can borrow them! She also refused to part with her AiW set.. which is sad because she doesn't even use any of them, just likes them for their names (I don't blame her)

She gave me:

Del Sol- Girls Night Out (hot pink/deep purple sun change polish)
$OPI- Never Enough Shoes
SH 'Magical'- Purple Potion
SH- Goddess
SH- Stone Serenity
SH- Lighthearted Lavender
NYC- 104A

I'll probably swap most of these, but she said she was fine with that.
What do you guys think?


sarahloo said...

Del Sol, yes! I'd love to get my hands on some of those! A+

Laura said...

Sweet Haul! You could swap, but I would save a couple for when you have a giveaway.


Bria said...

Thanks ;)
That's a good idea!
But they are all used, and I think people would rather receive BN items.

Laquerista said...

So great to have friends like that! And the barrowing seems like a good idea, that way you'd be able to at least swatch them for your blog!


amusedPolish said...

wow, SH magical... i'm such a sucker for holo's ^^

Bria said...

I love it :)
The only problem is that it's really dull unless it's in direct sun.
But when it's sunny it's.. magic!

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