Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CVS Mini-Haul!

Well, I just went to CVS (A few days ago, actually) and couldn't help buying some nail polishes.
After eyeing the SH Complete Manicure series (I'm obsessed with the brush!) I finally decided on Grey by Grey (which isn't grey at all), and Fairy Teal. I also picked up Xtreme Wear Blue It, and Milani Hi-Tech & Hi-Res.

I love all of them, so much.
I decided I needed to do some more swatch pics (I need to work on my application, after all!), so those will be in the next post. I need suggestions though- what should I swatch?

My spreadsheet is located here:

And I'm in the process of updating it with this haul, my frankens, the polishes I've taken out, ect..
I'm also in the process of creating wishlists, and I'm looking for really unique shades. If you have any recs, please suggest them!

Thanks guys ;)


Anonymous said...

Fun! I like the colors of that SH line but the brushes I'm love and hate. Love that I don't need much clean up but I feel like it takes me longer to maneuver with. Unique shades...I'd say get on over to the Nubar web site. Wildlife from the Going Green collection is an awesome green/pink's one of my all time favorite colors!!! Also, BB Couture's Pipe Bender because it's a bright green with blue shimmer!!! Have fun updating your lists!!

sarahloo said...

I'm in love with those brushes too!!

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