Thursday, March 4, 2010

Well... that didn't work so well.

After lemming my own HP collection for a few hours. I felt the need to make a polish. Unfortunately, I have no polishes I want to mix at the moment.

So, I decided to take a tip from Josh (petrilude) on youtube, and make my nail polish using pigments.
AKA four year old drugstore eyeshadows.
I'm not a makeup girl.
Nails... love!
Makeup... No. Don't care.

So I went into my bathroom, took out all 3 of my 6-color eyeshadow palettes, and went to work.
I ended up with what (in my mind) is hopfully going to be 'Half-Moon Spectacles'. It's a very shimmery and pretty (but very sheer) periwinkle color, more on the blueish side than the purple. It does flash purple though, and silver in the perfect light.

I'll post pics soon!
Overall, not bad for my first eyeshadow polish :)


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