Friday, March 19, 2010

A few swatch requests:

A few recent swatches/swatch requests. Very messy and frazzley ones, but swatches none the less :)

Milani Hi-Res
Milani- Hi-Res

SH Celeb City
SH- Celeb City

Un-named Icing

Zoya- America
Zoya- America

SH- Fairy Teal
SH- Fairy Teal

SH- Blue It
SH- Blue It


Anonymous said...

I have the SH Celeb City and it's so bright I always feel I need to cover up some of it because it's too much. So it's always fun to use LA Colors Art Deco (with a detail brush) in black to draw over the Celeb City. -JenB

Bria said...

Oh, that's a fun idea :)
If I ever do it as a full mani (haven't yet), I want to try to konad some animal print over it.

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