Saturday, March 20, 2010

Condensation of Spam.

Ok.. so I just found a giant list of giveaways, each better than the next.
So, I decided to condense all the spammage of them into one post for your convenience :)

To start off, KONADomani is having a giveaway with the deadline tomorrow for an array of nail art/konad related things.

Then at Emerald Sparkled, the giveaway is filled with lovely turkish polishes and such

Then a set of Illamasqua Pastels are being given away here:

Then Sawan is giving away THREE FULL SETS of the Claire's mood polishes:

You've Got Nail is giving away a cute little nail art kit:

Nail art pens & acrylics are being given out here:

And last but not least, a bunch of random things are being given away here:


Laura said...

Thanks for mentioning me. Good luck!


Rhea said...

Thanks for the shoutout =)

Bria said...

No problem guys, you have great giveaways!

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