Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Holy cow. Review: Body Shop Mango Scrub

Ok, so I was looking through my old Body Shop sets to try and find more 'miracle' products, and I decided to try out my mini mango body scrub. Holy cow, I think I just died.

This stuff is.. amazing. Just so amazing.
It smells divine, just to start off. I love the mango scent from the Body Shop, along with strawberry and pomegranate (which I believe is/was limited edition).  I'll admit I took a rather large scoop of it just to wash my hands, but that's alright. I found it to be a very dense paste with small granules (I'm not sure what they are- perhaps sugar?) that felt amazing on my hands. After I rinsed it off I found this odd oily sheen on my hands.. and I know I'm in the minority, but I LOVED it. It made my hands feel amazingly soft and supple, and I thought it was great. After that I went and did my nails (using a small amount of acetone on a q-tip to clean my nails first) and they still feel great!

Overall.. love at first sight!


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