Monday, March 29, 2010

NOTD: Sinful- Tapping Nails

It's about time I posted again!
Today, I bring you an amazing color from my new (and old) obsession. I believe Sinful is what first got me into nail polish- the range of colors and and the quality for such a low price makes me feel pretty special. I'd say I have about 25-30 Sinful polishes.  But right now, the main reason I'm obsessed with SInful is because they introduced me to an orange I can like AND wear.

I'll admit, I'm not an orange gal. I never have been. In fact, my mom has a home video of me begging to change my halloween costume from a pumpkin to a fairy- not because dressing up as a pumpkin at age five was a tad odd, but because the costume was orange. Yuck.

But, without further ado, may I present you...


Tapping Nails!
This isn't exactly color accurate. The real  color is a tad darker and redder, but does have the amazing lit-from-within glowiness I tried to capture in this picture. This is two coats with one coat SV on top (I need to get a basecoat- any recs?) If you can believe it, this is pre-cleanup. I've really been trying to improve my application, and I think it's working! I know you guys inwardly groan everytime I post swatch pics due to my mess that I call cuticles, but I'm working on it!

Have a nice day guys :)


Cyan said...

Oh wow! This orange polish glows! So beautiful (and it looks great on you). I passed this up the other week, but now I think I'll have to go and pick it up.

Bria said...

Thank you :)
I agree, it's now one of my favorite polishes.

Unknown said...

I'm up to 176 bottles now!! All in the sinful brand. I'm totally attached. I almost can't pass when a new color comes out

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