Monday, March 22, 2010

T&T Numero Uno

Aka.. Tips & Tricks number one!
So, after not posting for a few days due to lack of new things to write about, I decided that it might be fun (and hopefully you guys will like it) if I post little tips and tricks I use to maintain my nails/cuticles. I promise they look better IRL than they do in person :)

So, my tip for today is what I use when I'm out of cuticle butter/balm, or I'm on the go. A few weeks ago when my cuticles were practically dying of thirst, I decided to use my chapstick as a makeshift cuticle balm. The chapstick I originally used was a Burt's Bees replenishing lip balm- I like it better than my cuticle balm! While most chapsticks work on holding in moisture, this particular lip balm works on adding it back in. The easy application with the tube was a huge plus. However, if you do this I would advise keeping a chapstick specifically for your cuticles- hands carry all sorts of nasty germs that you certainly don't want touching your mouth.

I'm currently swatching some new finds (And old ones), so those will be up ASAP.


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