Tuesday, March 16, 2010

lazy lazy lazy.

Excuse the laziness post- I took pictures of my mani yesterday and today, but I can't find my camera cord and don't feel like looking for it.

Right now I have a St Patricks Day skittle mani with:

Orly- Enchanted Forest
Milani- green holo (Forgot the name)
ChG- Custom Kicks
Milani- Green Glow
Franken- Fairycakes
ChG- Tree Hugger
WnW- Carribbean Frost
SH- Grass Slipper
Sinful- San Francisco

But I'll have to crop the pics because I just noticed a hugeee baldspot on my left pinky.
I'm not sure how that happened.. but I always mess up my manis. So, what's your St. Patricks day mani?


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